acid neutralization pH monitoring system

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Acid Neutralization pH Monitoring System

We offer a complete pH monitoring system available with a pH Monitoring Control Panel with an optional Chart Recorder, pH Probe, and Sampling Tank.

The pH probe assembly comes installed into the 5 gallon sampling tank. The sampling tank inlet is bolted directly to the neutralization tank outlet. Included in this system are immersion type electrode assemblies with submersible electrode holders, reference measuring and temperature compensating pH electrodes and junction box relay, pH electrode assembly housing, and submersion tube made of Polyethylene.

The pH Control Panel is a sophisticated system, designed for wall mounting, housed in NEMA 12 Fiberglass or Epoxy Coated Steel. It comes pre-wired and contains the following: Audible/Visual alarms with horn alarm and red alarm lights, Audible Alarm silencing and push button silencing relay, Visual pH meter (0-14) with signal impulse amplifier, high and low pH points and additional alarm contacts (for wiring to remote mechanical safety panel or centralized control panel at another location), Includes up to 50’ of wiring cable for hook up from Junction Box relay (on probe assembly) to the pH Control Panel. (additional cable available at added cost). This system also comes with a spare parts kit with calibration equipment for putting electrodes into operation, as well as spare electrodes and grommets.

Optional items available with the Control Panel include a pH Strip Chart Recorder for at least 1 month continuous recording (comes with extra recording charts and pens), and solenoid switches integrated into the alarm contacts for any possible secondary treatment system requiring electric actuated valves and/or metering pumps.


Tank pH Monitoring System



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